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Our Special Capabilities


Commercial Coatings

1. No solderability guaranteed - Coating to thin (25 to 45 micro-inches)

Hot Air Leveled Coatings

Age Tests Simulate Extended Shelf Life:
a. Steam Age - Surface Oxidation
-- 24-Hour Steam Age
b. Dry Air Age - Diffusion of base material through coating, detrimental when diffusion reaches surface.
-- 16-Hour Dry Air Age at 155 degrees Centigrade

Testing Used for Solderability:
1. Use non-activated flux, Type R
2. Solder pot (60/40 Tin/Lead) at 450 degrees Fahrenheit
3. Dip sample at rate of 1" per second for 5 seconds in pot
4. Look for 95% minimum coverage.
5. Testing available upon request.

Key Visual Surface Inspection of Tin Coil

Copper & Brass Servicenter Association

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