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Our Special Capabilities

Hot Dip Tin and Solder Coatings on Copper Alloy and Steel Strip

100% Pure Tin, 60/40 or 90/10 Tin/Lead

Commercial Coatings

1. Mechanical Wipe. Physical contact, leaves slight wiper marks on the surface.
2. Tin Thickness is total coverage to .00008" per side.
3. No adjustment for coating thickness.
4. Semi-Bright Finish. When wipers are changed on the fly, there will be a dull pattern for approximately 50 feet which is flagged.

Hot Air Leveled Coatings

1. Non-contact to surface, no wiper marks. Smooth surface.
2. Various Tin Thickness Ranges:
a. Intermediate Coat: .00005" to .00015" per side
b. Hevi-Kote: .0001" minimum per side and thicker. Capable of up to .0015" per side
c. Differential Coating: One side thicker than the other is available.
3. Bright Finish

Marjan Production

Copper & Brass Servicenter Association
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